What is Compass?

Compass New Music partners with musicians and ensembles to help them discover and showcase new contemporary music by those who experience disenfranchisement under the patriarchy due to their gender identities. This important work is an ongoing response to the countless ensembles, opera houses, concert halls, textbooks, universities and conservatories that continue to support and showcase primarily or only cisgender males. 

What does "cisgender male" mean? 

A cisgender person is someone whose assigned gender at birth is the same gender which they identify with now. If someone is born "male" and still identifies as "male," then they are a cisgender male. 

What services does Compass currently provide?

  • Consulting on best practices for inclusivity when executing a call for scores or competition, programming a concert or other showcase, or designing a curriculum. 
  • Administering calls for scores from start to finish: writing the call, performing targeted outreach, advertising the call through social media and email, vetting and organizing submissions, communicating with applicants, acting as inclusivity advisor during the ensemble's blind decision process when needed, and liaising with selected composers.
  • Matchmaking for musicians or ensembles who are seeking works that have a particular style or aesthetic, but who do not wish to hold a call for scores. 

Pricing is offered on a sliding scale. 


Who is Compass?

Elisabeth Blair.