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Cheryl Duvall & Ilana Waniuk

A concert of works for piano and violin.



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Katrina Owens and Anna Pennington of Vent Nouveau at the White Raven concert. Photo by Eric Garcia.

Katrina Owens and Anna Pennington of Vent Nouveau at the White Raven concert. Photo by Eric Garcia.

Vent Nouveau

With support from a seed grant from the New York Women Composers, as well as the proceeds from t-shirt sales, on 3/25/18 at the Opera Center in New York City, Vent Nouveau presented works by four NYWC members as well as works selected from a call-for scores. 
Selected works by members of New York Women Composers:

Selected works from the Call for Scores:

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N/A Ensemble

The ensemble selected four pieces from the call for scores: 

The concert on 2/18/18 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Toledo, OH also included works by Pamela Z and Eva-Maria Houben

Photo: Heather Meyer

Photo: Heather Meyer



Before the more inclusive framework of Compass was formed, the concert series began under the same name as the associated podcast.

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Two works were chosen by the ensemble from a call for scores:

  • Triangle | Belinda Lee
  • Spectral Impulse | Sarah Reid

These were performed on 10/21/17 at Radius Gallery in Santa Cruz, CA alongside works by Johanna Beyer and Pauline Oliveros.

Vent Nouveau

On 4/1/17 at Gallery MC in Manhattan, the brass and wind collective Vent Nouveau featured 10 composers who were chosen from a call for scores: Gila Carcas | Akshaya Tucker | Makiah Heinzmann | Rona Park | Germa Adan | Elizabeth Lain | Nadin Polyakova de Zuniga | Jessica DiMari | Kirsten Johnson | Annie Pasqua

Alongside these composers, the ensemble also performed works by Cécile ChaminadeFernande Decruck, and Shulamit Ran.

Latitude 49

In collaboration with Western Michigan University's New Sounds Festival, Latitude 49's program on 10/7/16 in Kalamazoo, Michigan featured music by eight women composers, including Lili Boulanger, Joan Tower, Jennifer Higdon, Shulamit Ran, Loren Loiacono, Annika Socolofsky, Ingrid Stolzel, and Gabriella Smith.

Admiral Launch Duo

The very first concert in the LtL series happened through the generosity and brilliance of Admiral Launch Duo ensemble members Jennifer R. Ellis and Jonathan Hulting Cohen. The performance took place on 11/8/15 at the Piano Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and featured music by Jennifer Ellis, Ida Gotkovsky, Christine Hedden, Natalie Moller, Angelica Negron, Judith Shatin, and Diana Sussman.